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Here is where any of my students can add what's been going on in our classroom!  They can type at home and email it to me or type it in school right on to the site!  Start thinking now!

5/22 DENIS: Open house was very successful, although we didn't have many people there at once. I, Angie, Krishi, Matthew, and Malaika helped with the Technolgy. Well, only 6 more full school days till the end of school. Check the NEWS ,it says the date of the report card and last day (which is only 30 min.). I hope next year in 5th grade we will perfect!!

5/8 DENIS: Today we worked on are animal brocures. The ones so far are turning out pretty neat. I can't wait to see these at open house. At open house we'll have are cinnderella story, are baseball story, and animal brocure. This is wonderful!

4/24 DENIS: Only 1 month of school left!!! WOW!!!!! We're doing spring MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing! We will probably do awesome. Only Math and Language left. SO! Be prepared! Lets do good, so we have a wonderful summer! Then 5th grade comes!

Get 2 Months for $5!